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March 30, 2011

The pups life inside the house

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In the last blog posts I have showed you pics of the pups outside. Here are some mixed pics inside the house from Saturday until tonight.

From the weekend when Stine was here.

Food is GOOD!

And mom’s milk is still very good!

 The next pics of the pups playing on the floor is taken by Annette Both:

Miss Purple and cousin Caprice

Caprice is so kind with the little ones

Mr Blue tries to take a nap

Mom Bijou plays with Miss Purple

I have to give the pups more challenges. So I made this. They can play with it, it makes lots of noise and they learn to go around barriers. The pups loves it! These pics are from yesterday and to night.

That’s all for tonight, says Miss Orange!


March 29, 2011

The pups out again

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The pups are now 6 weeks and 2 days old. Today we vent for a new trip, and they experienced a new beach, more snow, a forrest, climbing, lots of new people, joggers and a couple of new dog breeds. Today mum Bijou stayed in the car so they should get their more self esteem and not run and look at mum all the time. And it’s no problem to drive car with them. They just sleep!  Good puppies!

Erik joined us after work

And my mum joined us

A kind German Sheperds

Mr Black

Miss Red

Miss Orange

Miss Red

Mr Blue

Miss Grey

Mr Brown

Miss Orange and Miss Purple

March 27, 2011

The E’s out at Hove

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 58 pics from our day out! The pics are a bit light.

Mum Bijou loves her freedom

Crazy cousin Caprice

Aud also came and joined us

Bijou’s dad Arnt with Mr Black

Bijou’s brother Markus and one of the pups. And mum Bijou running in the background

Bijou’s family

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As I wrote yesterday both Bijou and her family were so happy to see each other again. The whole family looked after the pups some hours when I was out fixing things. And in the afternoon they all come with us on an excursion. Here are some pics:

March 26, 2011

Excursion day

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Today Bijou’s family have been here. Bijou was so happy to see them, and she loved to show them her puppies.

The E’s have been to their first excursion today. Here is one pic, and tomorrow I will put out lots of more:

March 23, 2011

Miss Orange and the Ridgeback aunties

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I just LOVE these pics I just took:

The pups 5,5 weeks old

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Ohh, there are only 2,5 weeks left before they move into new homes! The last 5,5 weeks have flown away too fast!

Stine (with Adoreas Red Camille) helped me during the birth and tomorrow she will come and spend the whole weekend with us Adoreans. Bijou’s family will also come and visit!

The last two days I have been busy since Adoreas Red F-litter was born yesterday. I’m lucky that Grete (who is going to have an E-pup girl on breeders terms) has looked after and played with the pups at daytime when Erik has been to work. Thank you so much! Everything is fine with the F-pups and they are looked after by my parents now, so this afternoon I’m back with these little active E’s! They were so happy to see me! All of them wanted to kiss me at the same time! Even Bijou! 🙂 HAPPINESS!

The most popular toy among the pups these days are a cardboard box (big shoe box). A couple of nights ago two of the boys had turned it upside down, and Miss Grey was under it. She run away and all we saw was a moving shoe box! We don’t need a telly these day! 
The washing machine is now full of their fabric toys. They get dirty when some of the pups don’t reach the newspaper to pee on!

Since Bijou is loosing lots of hair now I need to use the vacuum cleaner almost every day. And the pups don’t mind the sound at all. Good puppies!!!

And they are so much more active and demading now. They were almost like angels last weekend to compare. Caprice was so tired after playing with them this afternoon that she wanted to go into her crate and sleep. At the dog room and not with me and the other dogs (and puppies) in the livingroom. Not often that happens with our C-girl that wants to be in the center all the time. Ridgeback- Troja tries to close her eyes and forget that they are here. 😉 Ridgeback-Mea is as usual more interested. I think she wants them to be hers.

That’s all for now! More pics soon!

March 21, 2011

The weekend the pups turned 5 weeks old

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And an other weekend is over, and it’s been a busy weekend. Lots of visitors (family, puppy buyers, Ekiro’s family etc.) and 7 active pups that need to be stimulated. The socialization now takes a lot of time. They want to explore things and they want attention. And it’s lot’s of washing after the pups now! 🙂 Ant they need to be handled one by one.

Here are some mixed pics from the weekend.
Pics of the pups with dad Ekiro, and lots of other pics from the weekend can be seen futher down. And don’t miss the lovely headshots! Thank’s to Ida for helping me holding the pups on those pics.

Cuddling with mum

My parents in law Friday evening

Breakfast a lazy Saturday morning at the kitchen floor

Caprice want’s some alone time with dad

The pups love to sleep in the crates. They have 3 different crates to sleep in, so they get used to both plastic crate, canvas crate and a crate made of steel.

Manicure and pedicure

Sleeping with the best mum

Tired Bijou Sunday night after a busy weekend

And not so tired Caprice (she is never tired)

Best friends; auntie Bijou and niece Caprice

Dad Ekiro has been here at Adorea!

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This weekend we have had dad Ekiro and his family here. Bijou thought it was quite alright to have the pup’s daddy around. Bijou, Ekiro and Caprice and all the pups played along in the livingroom. Enjoy the pics:

Happy family! Mr Black, mum and dad!

Beautiful dad!

Blæh!!! Screaming kid!

Ekiro: “I have no milk”!!!

Ekiro’s family (and Caprice).

And me and Bijou. She always wants to sit on your lap.

Grandma Hilde

Uncle Vegard

Cuddly dogs

Caprice and the pups

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Cousin Caprice loves the puppies, and the puppies love her!

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