Adoreas Red E… Ekiro and Bijou puppies

March 21, 2011

Dad Ekiro has been here at Adorea!

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This weekend we have had dad Ekiro and his family here. Bijou thought it was quite alright to have the pup’s daddy around. Bijou, Ekiro and Caprice and all the pups played along in the livingroom. Enjoy the pics:

Happy family! Mr Black, mum and dad!

Beautiful dad!

Blæh!!! Screaming kid!

Ekiro: “I have no milk”!!!

Ekiro’s family (and Caprice).

And me and Bijou. She always wants to sit on your lap.

Grandma Hilde

Uncle Vegard

Cuddly dogs



  1. Så skjønne valper! Og så veldig skarpe tenner. Prøvde å drikke melk av meg. AUUU.Også der, da!
    Men ellers: kjempefine!

    Fra farmor Hilde, Farfar Tor og onkel Vegard: flott å hilse på dere. Uforglemmelig. Og så fine bilder. Klem og Snutesuss.

    Comment by Pappa Ekiro — March 21, 2011 @ 14:19

  2. Hi Gunn Tove from Canada! I am enjoying your blog very much. While I love to see the bands I created on your puppies for identification, as a breeder I am impressed by the love and stimulation your puppies receive…visits from the sire, lots of people, photos and even exposure to different types of crates. Your buyers are very lucky to get a pup from such a conscientious breeder. I am very impressed! Doreen

    Comment by Doreen Magerman — March 21, 2011 @ 16:29

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