Adoreas Red E… Ekiro and Bijou puppies

April 7, 2011

Busy last days

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Ohh, so much to do and so little time! Our last days with the E’s are filled with cuddling, excursions to lots of different places,  and lots of visitors.

Today we have been to a nice beach, and here is one picture:


April 4, 2011

More pics from the countryside

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Here are the rest of the pics from yesterday (in Erik’s parents garden):

Wait for me, Caprice!

She is too fast for me…

I give up…

Shame on the photographer!

Mr Blue wants to play with the Alaskian Huskey that stopped by.

And finally they got tired!

Mom Bijou, Caprice and Evi running in the woods afterwards

The E’s at the vet

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Today I brought our E-litter to the vet so they could get a chip and a veterinary attest. Everything was just fine with all our sweeties!

The gang is very confident!

Everything is fun!

Aud joined us at the vet.

April 3, 2011

At the countryside

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Today we drove to Erik’s parents place, and the pups met horses, other dogs and lots of new people. And they played in their garden for a couple of hours (pics from that later). They slept in the crate in the car while we walked the other dogs in the woods, and when we come back home all the pups peed outside before we vent inside. Good puppies!

Mr Brown

Miss Orange with her mum Grete

Miss Purple

Mr Blue

Miss Red

Mr Black

A neighbor, my father in-law and my brother in-law.

Lots of people joined us

Happy girls trying to pose in the woods! Bijou, Caprice and Evi.

Bijou is a bit crazy. She loved some time off with other grown-ups running in the woods.

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