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February 27, 2011

The E-pups 2 weeks old

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Today the pups are 2 weeks old. ūüôā And they are getting sweeter every day now!!!
They have begun to open their eyes, but they don’t see¬†much yet.
They have also started to walk, but they are still clumsy!
Tonight I have¬†cut their claws for the 3rd time. It’s important that they don’t get to¬†long and sharp so they can scratch and wound Bijou’s tits.¬†¬†
Some days¬†ago they were dewormed (Banminth) for the first time. They will get that every 2nd week while they are here at Kennel Adorea. 4 times in total. According to their facial expressions they don’t liked it very much. Bijou also got her dose. It’s important that also the dog mum is treated.

Here are some mixed pics of the pups from today and yesterday. Since they have begun to open their eyes I didn’t use flash on the close pics. I only used flash when I took the pics from a long distance and they didn’t look at the camera.


A great day for Bijou

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As you know Bijou lives in an other familiy on breeders terms. It’s now 3 weeks since I brought Bijou back to Adorea and her maternity leave,¬†and I know her family in Oslo (Langhus) misses her a lot. Yesterday they come here for a visit. Bijou was so happy to see them! She proudly showed them her 7 puppies and she had a great time.

I don’t let strangers come to visit mother and pups before the pups are at least¬†3 weeks old. That’s¬†because I want the dog mum to have a quite and safe time the first weeks. Some dog mums can start to defend their pups if strangers come to visit too early, and I don’t want that to happen. It was wonderful to see how confident Bijou was yesterday with 6 people in and around her puppy pen. She even left the puppy room when they were there.

The pups have¬†begun to open their eyes, so that’s why I didn’t use a flash when I took the pics.

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