Adoreas Red E… Ekiro and Bijou puppies

February 17, 2011

4 days old

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Everything is still just fine with the pups and Bijou. Bijou loves to lay on her back, like the photo showed from yesterday, when she feeds them. The pups make some very cute sounds when they are eating. I just love that sound!

Some of you have asked if I can see any difference between the pups, since the colored collars are taken off at the last pics. The answer is: Yes! 😉 The colored collars are only for you! I put them on when I take pics of them, so you can see the difference. And some times, like yesterday, I haven’t got time to put them on because I want to take the pics just rigth away.
When the pups are born, we write down every characteristics like; how much white on toes, how the white marks in the chest are like, white tail tip or not, white markings in the head etc. When we give them coloured names like “Miss Red” after the birth we go throught the notes to see if it’s easy to see who’s who! 🙂 And it’s always easy. Or perhaps not with Caprice and Cilla in the C-litter. They were identical (no white), except for som white hairs on one toe on right and left paw.


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