Adoreas Red E… Ekiro and Bijou puppies

February 15, 2011

2 days old

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Everything  is just fine with Bijou and the 7 little ones.
Bijou is so cuddly and just love when I lay in the puppy pen together with her and the pups. Erik has been here tonight and Bijou was more than happy to see him again.
Bijou has been together with us in the living room tonight for the first time since Saturday. She has not wanted to leave the puppy room before now, and that’s normal. Bijou and Caprice were so happy to see each other again. They played and had fun. But if Caprice came to close to the stairs down to the puppy room, Bijou ran and closed the way so Caprice couldn’t go down. It was fascinathing to see. Bijou didn’t say a thing, and it was clearly a friendly but firm warning that it’s her pups! 🙂


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