Adoreas Red E… Ekiro and Bijou puppies

February 12, 2011

Second night in the puppy pen

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Bijou is not that calm anymore, so I hope we will get some sleep tonight. We have measured the temperature all day, but it’s not below 37 yet. So we don’t think it will happen during the night.

Day 61

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The night has been calm and Bijou has slept in the puppy pen all night. In the morning she came up in my bed.

Today we have had a little walk up the hill behind my parents house. Bijou and Caprice were so happy. We kept Bijou in a long leash so she wouldn’t jump and run to much! 😉

Happy soon-to-be mum Bijou

Caprice, Bijou and Stine (“mum” to Adoreas Red Camille)

Caprice and Bijou

Bijou likes to roll around in the snow. Crazy Bijou! 😉

Beautiful Bijou

Bijou stacked with her big belly.

Bijou and the view.

Bijou thinking of what’s gonna happen the next days?

Bijou and Caprice.

Best friends.

GT, big-belly-Bijou and Stine.

GT, Bijou, Caprice and Stine.


First night and sleep over in the puppy pen

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This night Bijou and I will sleep in the puppy room. So she gets used to the room. She is still calm, so nothing will happen this night, and not Saturday morning either.
Stine, with Adoreas Red Camille, came this evening from Skien to spend the weekend with us and hopefully be an assistant during the birth. If not Bijou decides to wait until Monday… We have had a nice evening with good food and lots of talk.
Bijou thinks it’s so fun with Caprice, and I hope it will stay that way even after the pups are born. 🙂 The Ridgebacks are home with Erik.
I have now installed the blog programme on my Iphone, so I can update you even from my Iphone.
So I keep you posted! 🙂

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