Adoreas Red E… Ekiro and Bijou puppies

February 11, 2011

Day 60

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Bijou is still calm, so we don’t think anything will happen today! We have all the time thought that today is the day, because she was mated late in the periode (her progesterone level was very high when she was mated). Her temperature is now 37,7 and we will continue to measure it. When her temperature is below 37 we can start to prepare ourselves. Exciting!!!! I will update this puppyblog regularly, and of course when something new happens!

I have checked what vet who has emergency service this weekend, and his phone number is saved at my cell phone! Fortunately, someone I know and who live nearby. 🙂 Not the vet in Lillesand (50 min of driving) who usually is the one that has the emergency service when I need it.
I will in all cases send him a text message and say that I await a puppy birth this weekend. But we cross our fingers that we don’t need a vet anyway! 🙂

 Bijou demands to lay in the sofa today, and she hasn’t even tried the other days since i brought her home.  🙂


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